Finance Committee agenda (1/8)

January 8, 2019
6:00 PM

(1) Call to Order / Invocation and Pledge
(2) Roll Call
(3) Chair’s Additions
(4) Public Comment


(5) Approval to authorize the Ascension Parish Council to enter into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with the Ascension Parish Tax Assessor’s Office to more efficiently and effectively identify, locate, map and enforce Homestead Exemption and Freeze Violations, and monitor, track and analyze trends to prevent future violations (Mert Smiley, Assesor and Justin Champlin, Chief Deputy Assessor)

(6) Approval of fee policy change for the Ascension Parish Counseling Center (Suzanne Hamilton, Ascension Counseling Center Director)

(7) Cooperative Endeavor Agreement between Ascension Parish and Ascension Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) to promote and develop industry, commerce and economic development in the Parish. Total annual amount: $322,800.00 (Kenny Matassa, Parish President)

(8) Renewal of Master Contract for Professional Services between G&D PM Consulting, LLC and Ascension Parish Government for “Owner’s representation for the new Ascension Parish Courthouse and other duties as required”. Total amount of contract: $49,900.00 (Ken Dawson, Chief Administrative Officer)

(9) Management and Operating Agreement between Ascension Parish and Big Events, LLC, as food vendor for concessions at Lamar Dixon Expo Center. Parish compensation will be 15% of all gross sales related to LDEC, minus any discounts and sales taxes (Jazz Traylor, Assistant Manager LDEC)

(10) Monthly Contracts Report (Sandra Perera, Paralegal)


(11) Approval of Resolution – 2018 Louisiana Audit Compliance Questionnaire – “BE IT RESOLVED, that the Council of the Parish of Ascension, State of Louisiana, hereby adopts the Louisiana Compliance Questionnaire for the 2018 Audit of the Government of the Parish of Ascension. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Louisiana Compliance Questionnaire be presented to Auditors Faulk & Winkler, said audit firm approved by the Ascension Parish Council and the State of Louisiana Legislative Auditor” (Gwen LeBlanc, CFO/Treasurer)

(12) Budget Amendment No. 1 – Approval to Introduce Ordinance to Amend 2019 Budget (Dawn Caballero, Assistant Treasurer)

(13) Sales and Use Tax Report (Gwen LeBlanc, CFO/Treasurer)

(14) Revenue and Expenditure Report (Amanda Berot, Assistant Treasurer)

(15) Bid Items – To accept lowest responsive bid as follows: (Joan Shivers, Purchasing Director)

a. Neptune Mach 10 R900I Ultrasonic Meter 5/8″ x 3/4″ (100 units)
– Core & Main, $27,500.00

(16) Adjourn