7 Ways to Cut Costs of Going to College

By: Globexitsolutions

What is the most difficult thing about being a college student? It’s taking care of your finances! Students have to make tough choices. To make sure you keep making the right choices, we are giving you the following saving tips!

The Basic Amenities

When you are living away from home, there are a few things you need to survive. These are furniture items and electronic appliances. Moreover, you also need to spend on refrigerator, utensils, crockery, and god knows what else.

Instead of buying all of this from the market, you could check with an old student and see if they left some old stuff behind.

It’s possible they have used those things without buying them new. You can also find these things at the school’s premises. So, look for free amenities that could make your stay more comfortable.

Check the school’s storage space where everything is piled up. Make sure you take permission from the proper authorities. If everything goes well, you could get these things at a much cheaper rate, or (better) free!

Cut the Clutter

You can save a lot of money if you kick out some of your bad habits. For instance, don’t buy on impulse. Don’t give in when you are walking by a store and saw something you fell in love with. You don’t need to spend every dime in your pocket to buy something you just saw!

Start by taking public transport or walking instead of driving your car. Cut down the fuel costs, take a carpool if possible. Buy clothes from a festive season sale because discounts are at their peak at this time. Go to sales and don’t eat out very often.

These drastic yet straightforward changes will help you save a ton of money in the end.

Don’t Overspend

When it comes to cut costs of going to college, killing your habit of overspending is perhaps the biggest challenge. Students tend to overspend, frequently. Get your needs in check; you don’t have to throw half of your budget on your phone bills, internet bills, etc.

It is imperative you cut down these costs while making a monthly budget. For instance, use prepaid cards instead of cash. It will keep you from overspending as you learn to live within your card’s limits.

Say No to “Crazy Shopping”

You don’t need to go all berserk when shopping. Use everything from discount to coupons and specials to save money. Buy from wholesale, check out which stores offer discounts on their wares. The key is, you have to keep an eye on cheap sales nearby and see if anything piques your interest.

Save on Accommodation Rate

Find brokerage free accommodation; it will help save money. Yes, you will have to pay rent, but getting a roommate can take half the burden off your shoulders.

Moreover, you could search online for good accommodation options near your college. It can help save big on transportation. Just develop a good understanding with your roommate, and do day to day activities together.

Brokers charge good money from their clients, so when you are looking for a good accommodation option near your college, find a broker-free option!

Avoid the “Buy Now, Pay Later” trap

Chances are you are taking a student loan for your college. Once you grow up and join the society, you will have to pay it back with the high-interest rate. The last thing you would want is another side debt. Yes, that could be your credit card! Take your hands off from your credit card. Don’t use plastic to pay for all discretionary expenses.

Yes, you should have a credit card, but you better use it with caution.  Using the credit card responsibly is a skill you should master as early as possible. The problem is, students, get exposed to this issue way too early. So, leave the credit card as a last resort for something you need, not want.

Skip Vacations

This seems rude, but it’s for your own sake. You are already drowning deep in debt and financial entanglements, so the last thing you need is taking a massive dive with an expensive vacation. If you want to do anything in the summer, it better be a full-time job. Don’t take a job during the school year because it will distract you from your studies.

Work during summertime to alleviate your financial issues, and focus on your academic in the school year. Learn to enjoy earning your own money. It’s an important part of growing up!