Reader questions character of upstart School Board candidate

School Board candidate, Corey Orgeron [from his Facebook page]

Corey Orgeron announced his candidacy for school board with the opening statement:

When character counts…

Character does count so, while I have no dog in this hunt because my kids have all finished high school, let’s set the record straight.

Property taxes are voted on by the electorate. It is the citizens of Ascension that have voted to, not raise their taxes, but renew taxes for education. These millages amount to about $54 million a year which cover teacher pay, technology and facility maintenance to name a few. Since Orgeron has never voted for a tax renewal, he said so himself, he has voted against the very life blood of what has taken Ascension Parish schools to the #4 ranking in the state. Lafourche Parish which he exited to come to Ascension for the school system ranks #25.

Now we know why.

Next, Common Core was replaced by the Louisiana State Standard for education three years ago. It no longer exists. Whether one considers it the same or not has no bearing.  John Murphy, could not vote for it because it is state mandated.

As to ITEP, chemical plant workers ain’t complaining about their jobs or the boom in industry in Ascension as a result. The schools, which are sponsored by industry, aren’t either.

With regard to Kerry Diez, he vacated his position as a board member. Marty Bourgeois qualified for the election without opposition.  Orgeron was welcome to put up one of his “good ole boys” to run if he so desired.

I won’t even delve into the other accusations as they are ridiculous and unsubstantiated.

However, while Orgeron may catch an ambulance or two, he sure hasn’t had much success catching up with the facts.

Character, Hmmmmph!


Scott Sheets