John Murphy endorsed by DA, Sheriff, Assessor, and others


NOTE: Tomorrow is Election Day.  In the face of scurrilous (and unsupported factually) allegations by his opponent, John Murphy’s bid for reelection has garnered wide-ranging support.

Below is the endorsement penned by District Attorney Ricky Babin.

Dear Supporters:

I want to take this opportunity to voice my support for the reelection of John Murphy for Ascension Parish School Board.  John has been an integral part of the Ascension Parish School System as our School Board member for the past 16 years.

Since his tenure, our school system has continued to flourish.  Our community has grown at a breathtaking rate due in large part to our outstanding public school system.  Our school system has surpassed all expectations and consistently ranks near the top in academic achievement on a state and national level.  We can credit this excellence to the outstanding teachers and staff, our community support and the great decision making and fiscal management by dedicated public servants like John.

I have known John for nearly my entire life.  He is a dedicated family man, and cares deeply for our community and the children he serves.

Therefore, I humbly ask for your support in reelecting John Murphy to the Ascension Parish School Board.


Ricky L. Babin