Cointment: Increase in parish employees is “disturbing”

Clint Cointment (from 2015 candidate forum)

On the campaign trail in 2015 residents all over Ascension expressed their frustration that parish government is inefficient.  Inadequate and unsafe roads, worsening drainage, and a general lack of services provided in return for taxes paid were common criticisms as a bloated parish government continues to grow.  That’s why I promised to never increase the number of parish employees.

To learn there’s been a net increase of 99 parish employees since the beginning of 2016 is disturbing to every taxpayer in our parish.

Matassa added 99 employees to payroll that increased by $3.5 MILLION

More and more of our precious tax dollars are being wasted on unnecessary personnel while roads go unbuilt, drainage projects stall, improved recreation opportunities cannot be funded…the list goes on.

As I ride on substandard roads every day it is disappointing to see that drainage ditches are not being maintained, canals are choked with vegetation.  Like you, I wonder where all the money is going.  Now we know.

As disturbing, I have never heard a word about this from the parish council’s fiscal conservatives who have been kept in the dark by the current administration.  Whatever happened to “Secrets are now effectively outlawed?”  Whatever happened to accountability to the citizens of Ascension Parish?

The elections for parish president and the council are 367 days away as I write these words.  October 12, 2019 is the date when the citizens will hold elected officials accountable.

It is time for change.  It is time to eliminate waste from local government and give a return on taxpayer dollars in the form of projects.  That is the pledge I make to you.


Clint J. Cointment

Candidate for Parish President 2019