Ascension Students soar to #2 in State Assessments

Students with Disabilities Perform Best in State

Baton Rouge, LA — Today the Louisiana Department of Education released results of the spring 2018 Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (LEAP) assessments. Ascension Public Schools not only exceeded state scores on all three subjects, but also achieved the second highest combined scores in the state with 50 percent of students achieving Mastery and Advanced in grades three through eight and 53 percent in grades three through 12. In addition, Ascension’s students with disabilities performed the highest in the state.

“We are so grateful for the hard work of everyone that produced results that indicate continued progress toward student mastery in these academic content areas for the second year in a row. We are always confident that our commitment toward excellence exists with a spirit of teamwork, but it is always nice to have that commitment confirmed with positive results. As always we will use these results to celebrate and affirm the good work that we are doing as well as to identify areas where we can continue to serve students even better in the future. We know that assessment results provide us with important feedback regarding the academic development of our students. However, we also know that our work to prepare students for their eventual confidence and success beyond their PreK-12 experience involves many areas beyond academic proficiency,” said Superintendent David Alexander.

“I would like to congratulate our students and their families for making educational success a priority. And, of course, we are so appreciative of the dedicated teachers that invest in and support the success of our students each day. We are very fortunate to have great teachers serving students in Ascension, but we also recognize that the successful pursuit of our mission to serve students includes everyone, and I mean everyone,” said Alexander. “I congratulate the entire Ascension Public Schools staff who come to work committed to support and protect those quality experiences for students that occur in our classrooms each day. Our entire staff have a significant purpose and play a critical role in ensuring that our number one priority is service to students.”

LEAP scores bar chart state comps
Ascension Public Schools outperformed the state on each of the LEAP tests, as well as the overall combined scores. Mastery and Advanced scores were achieved by 60 percent of Ascension students on ELA, 46 percent on math and 45 percent on social studies tests. That is well above the state averages of 43 percent, 32 percent and 27 percent, respectively.

In addition, Ascension students scored high in most subgroups. The following data shows subgroup achievements and state rankings.

Economically Disadvantaged: 35% Mastery & Advanced (#4 State Rank)
Black/African American: 33% Mastery & Advanced (#3 State Rank)
Students with Disabilities: 19% Mastery & Advanced (#1 State Rank)

Ascension ranks #1 in % of students w/disabilities achieving Mastery+

“Ascension Public Schools continues to commit to the work of supporting student development in multiple areas that includes a focus on academics, skill development and emotional maturity in order to make it certain that each student has the opportunity to pursue a quality life,” said Alexander. “We are Ascension Parish’s public school system that pursues excellence at every level, ascending together with the support of all.”

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