Note to Lawler: The name is G-O-P-P-E-L-T


Aaron Lawler trying to talk citizens out of Jamestown Crossing suit

Councilman Aaron Lawler’s propensity for pettiness, his belittling dismissiveness of private citizens expressing opinions obverse to his own, has worn thin.  Lawler cannot help himself as is clearly evidenced by his penchant for peccadillo and pillow fights on social media.  He went too far during the most recent meeting of the Transportation Committee he chairs.

Kathryn G-O-P-P-E-L-T has fought the good fight as Ascension’s most vocal political activist/antagonist over two decades.  Love her, hate her, try your best to ignore her; G-O-P-P-E-L-T‘s courage to speak and mastery of the subject matter cannot be denied.  When she appeared on Monday to speak about…

Divided committee recommends taking in state roads in return for Hwy 930 dollars

Chairman Lawler, petty and sophomoric as always, derisively introduced her:

“We do have a speaker on this item; Kathryn G-O-O-P-E-L-T.”

Courteously corrected by the speaker, Lawler’s lame alibi: “Oh, okay.  It looked like two o’s.”

Oh, okay Lawler.  You’d have us believe that you don’t know who Kathryn G-O-P-P-E-L-T is.  Did you know how to pronounce the name when she welcomed you into her home just after your election two years ago?  You remember, don’t you?

By no means was it Lawler’s first occasion to make fun of mere citizens whose opinions mean so little to him and his ilk.  Like-minded colleagues have the good taste (and sense) to whisper their japes behind Mrs. G-O-P-P-E-L-T‘s back.  Unbothered by Lawler’s insulting behavior, she posed the hard questions which are being asked by many (including your writer) lacking the gumption to do so publicly.

Mrs. G-O-P-P-E-L-T‘s  statement, in its entirety:

So, you want to bring State Highway 930 or Parker Rd. and State Highway 934 or Gold Place Road as part of the parish system?

This is not a good idea.

When the Council placed a half-cent sales tax on the ballot for roads, it was soundly defeated.  For good reason.  Part of Lanes for Change as it was called was to take state roads into the parish system.

When we do not have sufficient funding to improve parish roads, how do you think that taking in state roads including all state-owned frontage roads would improve our deficit?  It won’t.

Do you think that showing preferential treatment on Hwy 930 will not enrage thousands of citizens who currently drive on substandard roads and sit in traffic because of the irresponsible development you have encouraged over the past years?

Finally, the citizens of Ascension have sued the Council and four members of the Planning Commission for their approval of Jamestown Crossing and the failure to follow our codes in respect to development.

Will the judge be persuaded that Hwy. 930 will soon be widened should the parish take responsibility?

If your past performance on improvements to Roddy Rd. are any indication, not even the citizens could be persuaded that our parish government can take care of business.

Taking in these state roads may not help Ascension as a whole, but it would certainly benefit anyone wanting to sell property on Hwy. 930 for subdivision development now, wouldn’t it, including Councilwoman Casso and her relatives.

In politics perception is everything.  Giving a sweetheart deal for property owners on Hwy. 930 who are selling property for Jamestown Crossing appears to be special treatment for at least one member of this Council?

Who else on the Council will benefit; perhaps the Transportation Chair, as part of this road is in District 7?  And what will he be gaining from this acquisition of state roads? District 7’s previous councilman supported this idea.  He lost his election and left the parish.

The people can see through your monkey business.

If you are contemplating a road tax any time soon, don’t expect the people to support it!

If you take these roads in, it will increase our transportation deficit; more roads to fix and never enough dollars to do the work.

It’s a bad idea.  Don’t repeat the mistakes of the past.  There’s a lot to lose, including elections next year.

Lawler’s retort came toward discussion’s end.

“I’m not gonna listen to all these conspiracy theories.  This thing’s been going on since 2007.  That’s the fact of the matter.

Here’s another.  After 11 years languishing, you brought “this thing” up within days of Jamestown Crossing’s approval.