Jamestown Crossing suit re-allotted after Judge Alvin Turner recuses


On June 5 a Petition for Damages, Temporary Restraining Order, Preliminary Injunction and Permanent Injunction and Declaratory Judgment was filed against Ascension’s Planning Commission and four commissioners who approved Jamestown Crossing.  Also named defendant was the Parish Council and its chairman, Bill Dawson.  Randomly allotted to Judge Alvin Turner’s Division E, the petition was reassigned to Judge Tess Percy Stromberg’s Division C after Turner’s recusal on June 6.

Noting the Council’s status as a named defendant, Turner opted out because “Councilman Travis J. Turner is the son of the presiding judge in Division E…”


Plaintiffs seek to prevent the commission from adopting the minutes of that May 9 meeting, and “enjoining (the commission) from proceeding further with any votes, hearings, comment, approval or progress on Jamestown Crossing I and II.”  In keeping with its normal practice the Planning Commission is scheduled to adopt those meetings on Wednesday at its next regularly scheduled meeting.

At the time of this writing the requested TRO enjoining adoption of the minutes evidencing Jamestown Crossing’s 4-3 approval on May 9…

Matt Pryor has a point: Council is to blame for 4-3 approval of Jamestown Crossing

had not been signed by Judge Stromberg.  That is according to plaintiffs’ counsel who expects a decision on issuance of that TRO today.

Hearings on the requested preliminary and permanent injunctions have not been scheduled yet.