Can we clean out drainage ditches already? Start with this culvert.

Roadside ditch, south side of Hwy 30 (just outside Gonzales)

South of Hwy 30, and just outside the City of Gonzales, lies Parish Council District 2.  Council representative Bill Dawson recently pushed a resolution to spend drainage monies on cleaning trash from those ditches; in lieu of digging them out and blowing out the culverts, i.e. a general maintenance program lacking in Ascension for, well, ever.

Ditches ten feet apart, separated by one culvert, saw a two foot, maybe more, difference in water level.

While Dawson made a valid point, trash in those ditches does eventually flow downstream toward pumping stations…

Drainage funds are much better spent on ditch maintenance, something promised by President Kenny Matassa’s administration over a year ago.