Constituent shares Jamestown Crossing concerns with Council Representative

Mr. Johnson,

I am a constituent in your district that will be affected by the newly proposed subdivision Jamestown crossing. I own the property that adjoins the proposed subdivision. My land is 5.35 acres that runs from AN White Road to Parker Road with Hunters Trace to the east and the proposed subdivision to the west (My lots are H1A thru H1D). I have been provided the proposed plot maps and I have the following questions and concerns:

1. The proposed Jamestown crossing lots 80-88 and the proposed playground are on natural wetlands. These lots and common use areas will be built up causing the natural watershed to be spilled over onto my property. My property received no flood water during the 2016 flood, what is in place to ensure this water shedding from this subdivision and wetlands does not come onto my property, because the proposed plot map shows no system in place that I can tell?

2. Ironwood and Jamestown crossing have petitioned the Parish to extend AN White Road thru my property to Parker without my knowledge. I intend to build a house in the middle of this property facing Parker, because this is the only road at this time. How do I get informed of future petitions to extend this road as it seems very underhanded that developers can petition to take my land for their benefit without my knowledge? Does the parish have the ability to take this section of my property to extend AN White Road to Parker in the future (I want to know so I can plan my house placement accordingly)?

3. All houses on AN White Road are on well water and we will now be surrounded by subdivisions with city water. How do we get city water on AN White Road? I imagine it will be most cost effective to run city water while crews are mobilized during the routing of utilities in Jamestown Crossing’s development.

4. Ascension Parish has a drainage problem, and the council has approved Ironwood (~180 homes) and will undoubtedly approve Jamestown crossing (~170 homes). These combined ~350 homes that were natural watershed areas will now be raised up and their ability to soak in water has been replaced with concrete. They all shed to Muddy Creek and during construction of Ironwood nothing was done to improve the ditch that Ironwood uses to outflow to Muddy Creek. What is being done to improve drainage and increase Muddy Creek’s carrying capacity for additional water outflow to Manchaq Bayou?

5. I have been told that previous traffic studies showed that 930 could not handle additional traffic. This road is poorly maintained and is very narrow as it is now. What is the time line for extending and improving this road in light of the parish putting at least an additional 700 cars on this road with these two subdivisions alone?

I am not altogether upset at the developers, there is a demand for property in ascension Parish and they are here to fill that market. Their responsibility ends with being a good neighbor and ensuring they do not cause undue harm on the surrounding properties (watershed, etc…). I am however upset with the parish government that continually approves subdivision after subdivision without keeping pace with the needed infrastructure. The parish has failed to improve drainage for existing residents never mind keeping up with the addition of new residents. There appears to be no plans to increase carrying capacity of the parish’s outflows, but we keep adding to these natural outflows with each subdivision. The parish has failed to improve roads to match the increase in use by the additional neighborhoods of which are continually approved by the same government.

In the end Ascension is growing up and we are not going to halt progress, but what are we doing to take care of the residents that were already here? Currently, the plan appears to ignore them and to use their existing homes and land as natural watersheds to the new residents. I am available to discuss these matters and receive the answers to my questions at your earliest convenience at 225-XXX-XXXX.


Chris Kuhn





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