Local residents oppose possible apartments on Hwy 30

Residents of Rosedown Street

The residents of Rosedown Street, a couple of football fields north and parallel to Hwy 30 in Gonzales are not thrilled about “another dollar store in my back yard” but there is little to be done about it.  Acreage has already been subdivided to accommodate such a retail outlet allowed in the current C-1 zoned property owned by SLC, LLC (Grady Melancon).  So they attended Monday’s Gonzales City Council meeting to voice their displeasure at the prospect of apartments being constructed on remaining acreage.

According to Mayor Barney Arceneaux apartments would require a rezoning since C-1 uses are limited to retail sales, for the most part.  No application has been made and citizens will be provided ample notice before the Zoning Commission takes up the issue.  Rezoning can only be accomplished through an ordinance adopted by the city council and, considering the statement by one member, Rosedown’s residents had reason to cheer.

Acreage to include dollar store inside purple square

“I would, personally, vote no,” offered Councilman Tyler Turner who explained that nearby zoning (Pecan Grove subdivision) is Gonzales’ strictest.

Turner’s brother sits on Ascension’s Parish Council which recently rezoned over 300 acres from the most restrictive (Conservation) to the parish’s least restrictive (Industrial) for the same developer.  Buzzard Roost is also off of Hwy 30, west of I-10 and just outside Gonzales’ city limits.

Buzzard Roost property rezoned from Conservation to Industrial

Enthusiasm was tempered for some, knowing there are more battles to come.

“We all know, at some point in the near future, Mr. Melancon is going want to develop his remaining acreage and maximize its profitability,” urged Tim Riley.  “Let’s not follow the parish’s example.  Let’s keep the City of Gonzales a safe place to live.”

Tim Riley at the microphone on Monday

Riley, as it happens, lost a runoff election to Tyler Turner in December of 2016.  On Monday Riley commended his opponent.