Why is Ascension Parish providing water to the City of Donaldsonville?

Former Utilities Director Bill Depew (fired in October of 2016)

NOTE:  Up until his firing on October 4, 2016 Bill Depew was Utilities Director for Ascension Parish and his duties included oversight of the newly-acquired Peoples Water Company which served the City of Donaldsonville on the parish’s west bank.  Why Ascension Parish is providing water to the incorporated municipality is a question for another day, though it has caused a fair amount of confusion.  Post acquisition Peoples Water was renamed Parish Utilities of Ascension (PUA).

Ascension Parish has provided water in the unincorporated west bank for some time under the auspices of Ascension Consolidated Utilities District (ACUD) #1.  Depew explained the newly-configured PUA in a recent social media post.

The water produced by PUA provides water to D’Ville and a portion of the Water supplied to ACUD#1. The PUA water replaced ACUD#1 water, previously provided by St. James.

ACUD#1 as a separate district is supposed to be billed by PUA at the same purchase per gallon price as PUA charges D’Ville customers. The rate adjustment that was/is to be implemented was to equalize a standard rate for ALL Bulk Water. As a separate entity ACUD#1 operational cost were to be segregated from Non-ACUD, PUA System. In other words, ACUD#1 buys the Bulk Water from, what use to be People’s. The reason it was not financially advantageous to Consolidate the Systems, is the Bond debt on ACUD#1 would be payable when ACUD#1 consolidated with PUA.

This is to the best of my memory and belief, at the time I departed!

Note: remaining bulk water supplied to ACUD#1, is purchased from Assumption.

There is a meter at the ACUD#1 entry point on Hwy 71, by the school. It is the original entry where People’s supplied water before ACUD#1 switched to St James, way before my time.



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