Gonzales Civic Center repairs scheduled for April 15 completion

Bids to repair Gonzales’ venerable, cavernous Civic Center are due by Thursday and the city’s engineer expects to present the lowest at the next Council meeting on November 27.  August 2016 floodwaters inundated the center,  worse than City Hall which sits across Irma Blvd.  Talk of demolition fizzled just like the 1/2% sales tax that would have paid to replace the structure and FEMA has agreed to reimburse 90% of the $1.2 million estimated repair costs.

Monday’s City Council considered a $1.4 million budget amendment for renovates which includes flood prevention measures in the form of a flood wall.  Final vote on the amendment is scheduled for November 27.

Bids are due by Thursday and the construction deadline is April 15, 2018.

City Engineer Jackie Baumann indicated “there is a way to get the remaining 10%” reimbursed by FEMA through Restore Louisiana, the state’s agency to administer federal recovery funds after the Great Flood.  Anticipated funding cannot be devoted to facility improvements, only repairs at present, but that could change too.  FEMA would pay for improvements that protect the Civic Center from future flood damage like the flood wall mentioned above.

If the the city’s request is “capped” FEMA may allow expenditure of the funds as the city deems fit.

Civic Center in profile

Six decades old (according to to Gonzales’ DPW Director who asked for a variance +/- a decade), the “Rec Center” has seen innumerable wedding receptions, political fundraisers, and regular Friday night dances before the kids had alternatives.  Repairs are sch

The City Engineer also informed that repairs to Edenborne Parkway will be finalized in the near future.  The roadway will be closed until Thursday.