Jeff Pettit, at it again. Questions “National Search” for Infrastructure Director

Barking citizen watchdog, Jeff Pettit

NOTE:  Yesterday Ascension President Kenny Matassa announced the hiring of William Daniel to the Infrastructure Division Director position.  Supposedly the parish conducted a National Search.  Jeff Pettit posed the following questions to his Council representative (and copied other Council members and President Matassa.


Dear John Cagnolatti:

As my elected council representative from District 10 I am sending you this letter asking questions and seeking answers concerning the newly created position of Infrastructure Director.

  1.       The search was originally announced as a national search but the posting was only for four days then was re-posted with an indefinite ending. Why?
  2.       What mediums (trade publications, newspaper, search firms, etc.) were/are being used to advertise this position?
  3.       How many applicants have responded to the advertising for this position? Please supply the names and qualifications.
  4.       Has a job description been written for this position and does it match the job posting?
  5.       Was the job description produced before or after the job was posted?
  6.       The creation of new departments is the sole responsibility of the parish council. When will this matter be brought before the council? In reading the Home Rule Charter this creation of a          department should have come before the council first and did not. Why?
  7.       Was an individual pre-selected for this position? If so, by whom?
  8.      This position was touted by the administration as being in charge of all infrastructure including Utilities, Transportation, Facilities. Is that still the case? If so, what, if any, positions will           be eliminated? If not, why not?
  9.      Will this position be classified as an at will employee or serve under a contract?


I look forward to your answers.


Jeff Pettit



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