Reader proposes list of Home Rule Charter Amendments

This was sent to the Ascension Parish Council.  The following are suggested changes to The Home Rule Charter.
* Two four year terms because of complacency and political connection.
* No incumbent shall be allowed to campaign while in office or at election time.  He can only state that he is running on his record.  This assures a level playing ground.
* No newly elected official can fire anyone for political reasons.
* Set a fine on people that don’t vote. When a person becomes 65 this is dropped.
* No one should be elected without 50% of the voters voting.  At this time a candidate can and does win with only 11% of the votes because only 20% of the voters voted. This is no-where near a level playing field.
* Make a majority vote by the council stick.  This is the same thing as taxation without representation, if the task is not carried out.
* Form a parish mediation board to handle all complaints on public officials with one hot line number to call.
* If the board finds criminal activity then they can report it to the proper authority.  If it is un-ethical, many are, the board can enact reprimands.
All of the above would eliminate much temptation for wrong doing in office , public officials would gain confidence and respect from their constituents, instead of bad mouthing their official.  The statement below is necessary because of recent events that has killed or harmed many people:
Please don’t let any blood shed for lack of action on our governments account.  Enact rules for issuing permits for faith based organizations.  Require that the group hand over their specific doctrine to be reviewed by the council before any building can take place.  If the organization has teachings that advocate bodily harm, property damage, or unfair treatment to any gender, or hate for any sect of people.  The council should reject the permit, this action should be fully confirmed by our constitution.  This is a sincere effort on my part to try to improve our community.
September 29, 2017.
Coral J Lambert



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