CARA’s House takes on big job; Could use your help

A recent news story regarding loose dogs in our parish, causing problems for nearby residents was aired on WBRZ. It was reported that the owner of the dogs was not at the location and the dogs had been left with a care taker. Cara’s House was contacted after this for the dogs to all be surrendered to us. We began immediately searching for key players to help us with this huge endeavor. We were in communication with our parish animal control officers who were trying to catch the ones who were loose.  However, as large as our parish is, we only have 2 animal control officers.

This job was too big!

Cara’s House (Per our parish contract) is not allowed to go out and pick up dogs, so we were unable to assist in capturing the loose dogs or transporting any of the others on the property. Due to this, we started making calls. Stacey with was the first to jump into action and offer her assistance. Once Stacy arrived and was debriefed, we learned we were dealing with Hybrid dogs. This changed EVERYTHING! Cara’s House (like most places) is not equipped to handle Hybrid dogs.

All parties involved decided we had to call in an expert! The call to Tia: ( was made and without hesitation, she came to our rescue! Amazingly Tia and her team were able to safely secure all but one and she is not giving up on the one still at large. Cara’s House will be transferring ownership of all of these hybrids to Villalobos to receive proper care. We want to thank Stacey (St. Landry Animal Control) and Tia and her team at Villalobos for saving these beautiful animals that are very shy but oh so sweet.

All other animals (Pomeranians and Himalayans) were successfully removed from the home and have been brought to Cara’s House. We are working on assessing the medical needs of each animal that is now in our care. This is the largest intake our shelter has ever taken in at one time. If you would like to donate, please see our PayPal link (… ) or visit our Amazon wish list (…/…/72PN21B0PP07/ref=cm_wl_rlist_go_v? ) for supplies needed.



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