A friendly reminder: 6-4 Council vote requests Matassa’s “immediate resignation”

From March 17, 2017:

The vote is in.  Ascension’s Council adopted the resolution requesting Parish President Kenny Matassa’s immediate resignation by a 6-4 simple majority.




District 11 Councilman Benny Johnson

Chairman Bill Dawson announced that Councilman Benny Johnson was in route just after gaveling the meeting to order but Johnson never appeared.

The Council called the question without convening Executive Session and voted after 16 public speakers went to the podium.  Nine supported the resolution, seven opposed (including Matassa’s spouse and two of his children).

For those few in the overflow crowd with passing knowledge of local history the most prescient (and ironical) speaker was Alvin “Coach” Thomas who served on the Council a decade ago until resigning his seat after pleading guilty to a federal charge of bribery.  Oliver Joseph succeeded Thomas in a District 1 special election for the Donaldsonville-based seat.  By the time Thomas got to the podium his buddy, the parish president, was long gone.

On Thursday Thomas returned to the Council chamber and after a string of platitudes touting the parish president’s virtue he said of bribery charges in general:

“Any of us could have found himself in that position.”

Alvin Thomas was Thursday’s resident expert on the topic of bribery

Speak for yourself.

Matassa taking what must have seemed a long, desperate walk