Bill Depew’s view of the current Doc/Aaron disagreement!

Bill Depew

Watching from afar!

The first question I asked one of the Top Three Administration Officials, under Tommy when I was hired was, “If you are required to make a decision and there is a Political choice or a Moral choice, which would you make?”. The individual hesitated for a long silent period without answering while he, I assume, contemplated his answer. I finally said, “that’s okay, I have my answer!”

After my appeal hearing with the Council, where Doc was the only Council member that voted to support the results of the professional HR review committees recommendation to reinstate, I spoke with Aaron, about why he did not support my Reinstatement as recommended by the Review Board. He stated the following, “I knew it would be a wasted vote! by voting with the majority, I can get support for something I want support for in the future.”

How do you think this aligns with the “Political option verses the Moral option?

Having said all of this, I think both Doc And Aaron’s intentions are honorable, they just have two different modes of approaching the issues. Doc looks at issues from the Moral perspective and proceeds, the hell with political correctness. Aaron, is willing to make political concessions, if it helps him get to the end results desired.

Which will get more accomplished, quicker? I think it is obviously Aaron, however the question is, how have the political trade offs effected other issues that are not Aaron’s priorities?

Doc’s successes will be harder to come by, just by the fact he is vocal and unwilling to compromise when he feels confident he is morally correct.

The above is just my personal observations and opinions, after several years of observing Ascension Parish Government in operation. By the way those that think APG is unique just look at the other Parishes or Counties throughout the Country and I will bet at least 50% are facing the same or similar issues. Government organizations have not been forced to restructure for profit and loss the same way industry has, therefore, reducing cost and improving efficiency have been a low priority for Government organizations.

My morning coffee, rant! Your welcome!👍😜



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