Here’s a different take on Matassa bribery investigation

The actual image on Keith Jones Facebook.

NOTE: While Pelican Post is not in the habit publishing letters from individuals who’ve masked their identity, we make an exception here.  It offers a different perspective on the lingering Matassa bribery investigation, emanating from what appears to be an alias.  What follows was posted as a comment to our Facebook page in response to:

Satterlee selects citizens to meet with AG on potential Matassa grand jury

Keith Jones Ascension Parish Councilman Doc Satterlee wants us to believe he’s and “Old Chicken Doctor” with no sense. We aren’t fooled. The group of so-called concerned citizens (all 15 of them) is the same old group of haters who have been around Ascension Parish for 30 years. They can’t win elections, and they can’t stand success. Instead, they are trying to be fake cops and take advice from an unlicensed lawyer with a history of beating girlfriends and snorting cocaine. Ricky Babin and Jeff Landry have more integrity in each pinky than this group of misfits can ever dreams of having. There is no secret to understanding the grand jury process. They just aren’t happy that the Attorney General is handling this matter in a respectful and deliberate manner. They want a show because they operate as clowns. We aren’t fooled. Attorney General Landry isn’t going to be their ringmasters, even though they so desperately want a circus.



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