Guilty Pleas for the Week of August 6-10

During the week of August 6-August 10, 2018, the following defendants pled guilty to various charges and were sentenced in the 23rd Judicial District Court-Ascension Parish: Phillip Ferdinand, 8623 Rush Ave. Baton Rouge, LA., age 29, pled guilty to Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Dangerous Substance (2 counts) and Possession with Intent to Distribute […]

Gonzales PD/DA’s Office upgrading Traffic/Criminal Record Sharing

The Gonzales Police Department, working in conjunction with the Office of 23rd Judicial District Attorney Ricky Babin, recently embarked into a mutually shared program funded by a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration grant administered by the Louisiana Supreme Court, aimed at increasing the efficiency of traffic and criminal records shared between the Gonzales Police Department […]

Committee to consider Development Districts funded by new subdivisions (or refuse roads)

“We can’t keep taking in roads like we’re doing.” Ascension’s longest serving council member uttered the declaration above at the most recent meeting of the body’s Transportation Committee.  District 9’s Todd Lambert and his colleagues all seem to agree that available funding is woefully inadequate to maintain roads already in the parish’s system as they […]

EA Drainage Chair/new courthouse delaying Floodplain Management Plan

Last week Ascension Parish Council members, convened as the Finance Committee, authorized the acquisition of 5.5 acres adjacent to the “Parish Governmental campus” upon which a new courthouse is planned.  Reading between the lines spoken by East Ascension Drainage Board Chairman Dempsey Lambert last week, those plans are further delaying implementation of a sorely needed […]

APSO Arrest Report for the Week of August 2-9

Below is Ascension Sheriff’s arrest report for the week of August 2-9: August 2 arrests: Jason P. Landry, 35, 1305 St. Vincent St, Donaldsonville was charged w/ (2 counts) Resisting an Officer, and Entry on or Remaining after being Forbidden; Phillip Willie, 44, 17043 Jamestowne Dr, Prairieville was charged w/ Illegal Possession of Stolen Things, Parole Violation, […]

Former Peoples Water/PUA plant manager’s letter to Parish Council

NOTE:  The letter below was penned by the former Plant Manager of Peoples Water/Parish Utilities of Ascension.  It was forwarded to Ascension’s Council members. It pains me greatly to watch the Utilities Committee Meetings each month. Before William Daniel came aboard, you all relied on Ken Dawson to answer all questions concerning Parish Utilities of […]

EA Drainage to hire outside contractor to clean roadside ditches

President Kenny Matasssa styled it, “innovative ways to do things” when the East Ascension Drainage Board approved an “up to $250,000 contract” with On-Grade Construction to help the parish with ditch-cleaning work orders.  On-Grade will be charged with “simple ditch-digging,” tasks involving “a lot of footage” which is intended to free up parish personnel for […]

Free market capitalism-1; Government intervention-0 as Garbage Franchise postponed indefinitely

Free market capitalism-1; Government intervention-0.  Wednesday’s 7-3 Finance Committee vote to “postpone indefinitely” the discussion of Solid Waste Management Overlay Zones laid to rest Ascension Parish government’s entry into the franchise garbage business, at least for now. Why was it up for discussion in the first place after multiple Strategic Planning committee sessions addressed the subject […]

Council considering 10% increase for mandatory garbage collection; threatening jail time

The Council means business when it comes to Franchise Garbage though no member put his/her name on Tuesday’s Finance Committee ordinance proposing a 10% fee for the privilege of collecting it in Ascension Parish.  The draft ordinance, included on Tuesday’s agenda, threatens fines up to $500 per day for any violation and  “imprisonment for a […]

Gonzales Mayor enjoys Red Hot Night at River Region Art Exhibit

Members of the River Region Art Association gathered on July 28th at a “cool” reception celebrating the “Red Hot Night” Art Exhibit.  We were joined by our special guest Mayor Barney Arceneaux whose interest and support of the gallery and its move to our new location at 320 East Ascension St., Gonzales, LA was greatly appreciated. “Red Hot Night” art features […]