William Daniel: Stop subsidizing developers on their projects

Infrastructure Director recently decried Ascension Parish’s practice of reimbursing sewer development fees paid by subdivision developers who turn over collection systems and pump stations to the parish.  William Daniel deemed the practice “really egregious” since every developer is required, at a minimum, to install such basic infrastructure by Louisiana Department of Health and Ascension’s Land […]

Livingston Parish Council approves/denies subdivisions (but Parenton says Ascension CANNOT)

Livingston Parish has a planning commission, but its council is the decision maker when it comes to approval/denial of subdivision developments.  Meanwhile, here in Ascension, the Parish Attorney insists state law prohibits our parish council from doing the same. Like Ascension, Livingston is a Home Rule Charter municipality.  Its charter, at Section 7-06, includes: A. […]

Can we get an update on Laurel Ridge Levee extension litigation?

Appearing on tonight’s EA Drainage meeting agenda is: Executive Session – Discussion of Litigation “Parish of Livingston, et al. v. State of Louisiana, et al., Suit No. 669704 19th Judicial District Court, Parish of East Baton Rouge, State of Louisiana.” We have yet to hear a public discussion or update about this important issue.  What would […]

Did Graves just scrap Laurel Ridge Levee extension?

Congressman Garret Graves took time from his busy campaign schedule to visit Ascension Parish Council’s last meeting.  Up for reelection in November, Graves confirmed that $1.2 billion is on its way to south Louisiana but without assuring that Ascension will get a dollar of it.  He’s been talking to Governor John Bel Edwards “on a […]

The People have spoken…is CPEX/Parish Council listening?

We counted 90+ comments at CPEX’s Master Land Use Plan Open House on Wednesday.  Below is every one that we could discern:   Infrastructure first, then talk development; Infrastructure before development please; These densities are too high for unincorporated area without sewer and  updated drainage; Can’t even handle the traffic we have now.  How would […]

A case of fiscal responsibility by Ascension Council

  In a rare instance of frugality five members of Ascension’s Council defied President Kenny Matassa’s administration last week.   Infrastructure Director William Daniel made the pitch to buy a .9 acre tract of land adjacent to the parish barn on Churchpoint Rd, just outside the City of Gonzales for $285,700.  Falling one vote shy of […]

Courthouse tail wagging Floodplain Management dog

  When and where a new courthouse is built is small potatoes compared to implementation of Floodplain Management for East Ascension Parish.  Regrettably, implementation of that long-promised plan is being delayed because of drainage issues surrounding the courthouse site; a case of the tail wagging the dog if ever there was one. Tomorrow’s Parish Council […]

What about existing residents?

Infrastructure Director William Daniel, newly arrived to Ascension Parish from East Baton Rouge himself, could use a little perspective.  At the most recent meeting of the Parish Council’s Utilities Committee he had this to say about improved procedures for inspection of new subdivisions: “When you buy a home, that is your biggest single investment.  And […]

Forget about employees; who’s holding the Ascension’s HR Department accountable?

We haven’t held people accountable (especially in Department of Public Works)- Attributed to HR Director Taleta Wesley by Dr. Christel Slaughter. Speaking of holding people accountable; how difficult is it to write a job description?  In Ascension Parish, apparently, it is much more complex than it sounds; so complex, in fact, that Ascension’s Council voted […]

$1.2 BILLION federal flood mitigation dollars a long time in coming

Paul Sawyer, Chief of Staff for Congressman Garret Graves alerted Ascension’s Council to an infusion of cash ($1.2 Billion) expected to flow toward “the Capital Region” beginning in the Fall.  Parish elected officials were urged to present a list of projects with engineering/environmental requirements satisfied or near satisfied for consideration by Louisiana’s Watershed Council, created by gubernatorial […]