Matassa is the real victim in Election Bribery indictment according to Unglesby

Criminal defendant, Kenny Matassa is the victim according to his latest pleadings filed at 9:31 a.m. on Tuesday, 24 hours before his Motion to Quash the Indictment against him is set for hearing.  Being charged under Louisiana Revised Statute 18: §1461.5.  Election offenses involving bribery “violates (Matassa’s) rights under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United […]

“What in the hell’s going on here?”

On May 4 Drainage Director Bill Roux told East Ascension Consolidated Gravity Drainage Commission #1 (EA Drainage Board) that $16-18 million is received in tax revenue every year, lamenting his department’s inability to maintain the parish’s roadside ditches and canals to facilitate drainage.  “Taxes coming in, we spend on operations,” he explained five months ago.  “It’s […]


Saturday’s cancellation of the much-touted Flambeau Festival was another in a long line of public relations gaffes courtesy of Ascension’s version of the Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight, the administration of President Kenny Matassa.  The cancellation, probably not Matassa’s call, may very well have been the right decision but all involved appear ridiculous after a […]

Ascension Parish making repairs to Edenborne Parkway (in Gonzales city limits)

What’s another (okay, we have no idea how much it cost to fill a pothole, or resurface failing roadway with asphalt so we’ll call it) several thousands of dollars when you’ve already squandered $5,000,000 of state allocated money to provide secondary access the “jewel in Ascension’s crown, Lamar Dixon Expo Center?”  Even if those parish […]

Why are engineering firms funding pro-tax Envision Gonzales PAC?

Preparing to exercise that most precious of rights, the VOTE, the sun had yet to peek above the eastern horizon Saturday morning.  So, with time to kill I leafed through the contents of my mailbox which had been poured onto the dining room table without inspection the night before.  That’s when I chanced upon… I […]

“National Search” for new Infrastructure Director to last 4 DAYS

Apparently what’s been missing from Ascension Parish Government, the panacea to cure what ails the parish where woefully inadequate traffic/sewer/drainage/water infrastructure threaten our sacred quality of life, is an Infrastructure Division Director.  That’s why Parish President Kenny Matassa and his gang have launched a “nationwide search” to fill the all important position which does not […]

Absurd Consequences: What if Lawson had out-polled Neal Bourque in November 2016 election?

According to Matassa mouthpiece, Lewis Unglesby’s, latest pleading bribery target Wayne Lawson was not “a candidate” and, therefore, the bribe was not a bribe.  Of Louisiana Revised Statute 18:1461.5, which criminalizes the act of giving or offering to give, “directly or indirectly, any money or any thing of apparent present or prospective value to a […]

Lawson received 1587 votes but “was never a candidate” asserts Matassa

Wayne “Lawson was never a ‘candidate’ as that term in used in our law, was never qualified, and was never covered by 18:1461.5(4)” reads Paragraph 5 of Kenny Matassa’s Motion to Quash filed Thursday morning.  Thus, the disgraced Ascension parish president’s legal team argues, the bribery indictment against Matassa should be dismissed because the operative […]

Another windfall for CSRS…east bank Sanitary Sewer millions up for grabs?

Given the fiasco that was Ascension’s last attempt at comprehensive east bank parish wastewater treatment it is understandable, even advisable, that a low-key approach be taken.  But 37 seconds during a Finance Committee meeting to deem CSRS as the winner of an RFQ for Owner’s Representation & Advisory Services for East Bank Regional Sanitary Sewer System is […]

Why Stoney Point Estates can dump all the silt it likes into New River

We received a letter from Jeff Pettit over the weekend in which he accused Stoney Point Estates, a development in Geismar of “dumping” sediment into New River; “turning the waterway  into what appeared as a river of chocolate milk.”  Pettit contacted Ascension’s drainage department and his District 10 Parish Councilman John Cagnolatti in the vain […]