Rolfe McCollister should mind his own business

Rolfing has been characterized as QUACKERY.  It is not known whether Rolfing is safe or cost-effective. (Wikipedia) On August 1 Rolfe McCollister penned a venomous attack piece on seven Ascension Parish Council members who rejected A Better Ascension’s (ABA) proposal to replace the parish presidency with a manager.  His publication, Baton Rouge Business Report, was in the bag for […]

New Pelican Poll: Should Parish Council reimburse Matassa legal fees?

President Kenny Matassa was acquitted of the felony bribery charge initiated by Bill of Indictment on March 10, 2017.  After a two-day bench trial Judge Tommy Kliebert found Matassa “NOT GUILTY” on July 11 which means Ascension’s Council could appropriate funds to reimburse “reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses incidental” to Matassa’s defense.  Discussions have been […]

Council (NOT Planning Commission) must adopt new Master Plan

Albeit counterintuitive, it is imperative to negate the Planning Commission’s influence over the ongoing Master Land Use Plan process.  At the commission’s request Ascension’s governing authority allocated $450,000 toward production of a new plan to replace the 1998 version, ignored from inception and relegated to antiquity within a few years by spectacular population growth.  While […]

Charter Revision Committee hoax a disservice to members, council, and citizens

25 years ago Ascension voters, by a wide margin (64% to 36%), opted for Home Rule adopting the Charter which has been amended once to revise the Employee Appeals Process.  Those of us who pay attention to such trivialities concur that it could do with further tweaking, others believe drastic changes are in order.  While A […]

Matassa: Failure to renew 5-mill drainage tax would lead to layoffs in Ascension’s DPW Department

On November 6 voters on the east bank of Ascension Parish will decide whether (or not) to renew a 5-mill property tax dedicated to maintenance of drainage.  Deemed “very important to the parish” by one of the Parish Council’s fiscal hawks; Todd Lambert explained that day-to-day maintenance of ditches and lateral canals is vital to […]

Aaron Lawler’s expert: Council-Manager no different than Police Jury-Manager

  Proof positive that Ascension Home Rule Charter Revision Committee was ill-conceived; on June 21, three days after its final meeting, the Parish Council (maybe) hired a consultant to advise the committee.  Which is no more curious than the committee’s May 30 vote to recommend A Better Ascension’s (ABA) proposal to alter the parish’s form of governance without having […]

Ascension’s takeover of LA 930 divert funding from other needs [Swamp Road]

As Ascension’s Council decides to take in LA 930, LA 934 (Gold Place Rd), and all of DOTD’s frontage roads into the parish system tonight, a difficult decision committing precious few dollars available, understand that current parish roadways will be denied attention.  It is a difficult decision and an unenviable task for representatives of 10 […]

Who’s really behind the fix to put ABA’s proposal on the ballot?

ABA would be nowhere without the Machiavellian machinations of Chairman Dawson. If there’s one thing that rankles the rank-and-file member of A Better Ascension (ABA) it is the accusation that Council Chairman Bill Dawson is part of their effort to abolish the parish presidency in favor of a manager.  Dawson-disavowal and alibiing the refusal to disclose their donor […]

Note to Lawler: The name is G-O-P-P-E-L-T

  Councilman Aaron Lawler’s propensity for pettiness, his belittling dismissiveness of private citizens expressing opinions obverse to his own, has worn thin.  Lawler cannot help himself as is clearly evidenced by his penchant for peccadillo and pillow fights on social media.  He went too far during the most recent meeting of the Transportation Committee he […]

Why is LA 930 getting special attention from Transportation Committee?

There’s a move afoot by Ascension’s Council Transportation Committee to take two state highways and “all State-owned frontage roads” into the parish maintenance system.  The committee is going to accept another .8 mile of new subdivision roads on Monday, but this is something entirely different.  LA 930 is one of the two roads being considered […]