The Court is responsible for delay in Matassa criminal proceeding

August 14 marked the first court appearance for indicted Ascension President Kenny Matassa since his May 8 arraignment when he pleaded “Not Guilty” to LSA-RS 18:1461.5(4)(a) Election Offenses Involving Bribery.  With a crowded docket evidenced by his jam-packed courtroom, criminal defendants waiting to hear their names called before the bar lined up along the walls and […]

$450,000 Land Use Plan is a waste if ignored like the current Master Plan

With two “plans” already being studied Ascension’s Planning Commission wants another $450,000 to update, replace, revise, or otherwise tinker with the 1998 Master Land Use Plan which it has totally ignored.  HNTB, Inc. is being paid upwards of $2 million to generate a Master Transportation Plan (which includes actual engineering of actual road projects if […]

A fitting symbol for ABA Charter Amendments (which members don’t seem to have read, by the way!)

Asked to designate a representative by Chairman Daniel “Doc” Satterlee for Thursday’s Strategic Planning meeting, A Better Ascension went with Scott Johnson, the County Administrator of Columbia County, Georgia; an insult to the collective intelligence of Ascension’s electorate.  According to Johnson, if Columbia’s five-member Commission desires to paint county buildings Pepto-Bismol pink, he’d requisition paint […]

Matassa’s gonna need his parking spot Monday (Berthelot to spend 69th Birthday in Court)

One year and 18 days since Ascension President Kenny Matassa was recorded (allegedly) offering Wayne Lawson a job with the parish, money and other inducements to withdraw from a Gonzales City Council election he has a court date Monday to hear defense motions and those filed by the prosecution.  Matassa’s defense counsel, Lewis Unglesby, claimed […]

The symbolism is probably lost on Matassa

How did this escape our attention all these months?  It certainly fits… Parish President Kenny Matassa given his attendance record at Gonzales Council/committee meetings this month, probably hasn’t noticed it either. East Ascension Drainage Board… Transportation Committee… Finance Committee… Utilities Committee…

It’s Good to be the Parish Manager! (What would government by Chamber of Commerce look like?)

A Travis Turner/Aaron Lawler-chaired Committee of the Whole has been tasked with “publicly vetting the charter amendment proposed by A Better Ascension.”  The Committee’s composition is the Ascension Parish Council which will consider abolition of the parish presidency; and abrogation of its own authority delegating vast powers to a Parish Manager nominated by a committee […]

Questions for the Parish Council as it considers proposed Charter amendments

NOTE:  The following was emailed to each Ascension Parish Council member on Saturday, August 5 @ 6:51 a.m.  Your writer’s Council representative is John Cagnolatti who occupies the District 10 seat and he was emailed personally by this constituent of his.  As editor of Pelican Post I believe these questions should be answered for all […]

Forget about A Better Ascension; What is Aaron Lawler’s agenda

For someone who whines that social media is not the place to conduct Parish Council business this latest posting by Councilman Aaron Lawler is the ultimate in hypocrisy…almost as insulting to Ascension’s collective intelligence as his lame pleas for transparency when no individual took immediate responsibility for a Facebook page called A Better Ascension? For […]

Ditch cleaning along Hwy 431 after EA Drainage Board Director lamented “2-year backlog”

UPDATE:  We’ve just received notice that culvert installation is part of DOTD-contracted roadwork. We were trying to give EA Drainage Board the credit.  In any event, it’s a good thing for the people of St. Amant. In March Drainage Director Bill Roux joked about the length of time it takes to clean out ditches along […]

I’d have shut Pelican Post down had I known this…

Had I known this would be the result I’d have shut Pelican Post down in 2016.  When Kenny Matassa and his henchman began contacting our advertisers, cajoling them to drop us, I should have given in and just walked away.  Four years of Matassa ineptitude and political paybacks, while detrimental, is nothing compared to the […]