Matassa’s reply memo (It is legal to bribe a dishonest man)

NOTE:  Below is the memorandum filed by Lewis Unglesby on Kenny Matassa’s behalf in response to the one submitted by the Attorney General on the issue of Wayne Lawson’s candidacy.  (In BOLD are any notes your writer may deem appropriate for context). The Attorney General has this upside down.  The “Notice of Candidacy” is an application to […]

What AG’s memorandum should have said

On March 27 Judge Tommy Kliebert allowed criminal defendant, Kenny Matassa, the opportunity to “re-urge” a Motion to Quash already denied by Judge Jason Verdigets on October 18, 2017; before Verdigets inexplicably recused his court and the prosecution was re-allotted.  The facts of the case had not changed so it is curious that Kliebert allowed […]

Can we clean out drainage ditches already? Start with this culvert.

South of Hwy 30, and just outside the City of Gonzales, lies Parish Council District 2.  Council representative Bill Dawson recently pushed a resolution to spend drainage monies on cleaning trash from those ditches; in lieu of digging them out and blowing out the culverts, i.e. a general maintenance program lacking in Ascension for, well, […]

R.I.P. Traffic Impact Study improvements

Burying Urban System’s traffic impact analysis all over again Tomorrow makes it one year since any meaningful attempt to improve Traffic Impact Study procedures in Ascension’s subdivision regulations died.  On April 13, 2017 his colleagues pulled the rug out from under Councilman Daniel “Doc” Satterlee who had placed the procedures on three consecutive Strategic Planning […]

Speaking of Utilities boondoggles…AWT/William Daniel and $306,200 of taxpayer money

BOONDOGGLE- a wasteful or impractical project or activity often involving graft (Merriam Webster) If you thought Ascension’s purchase of Peoples Water Company on the parish’s west bank was a boondoggle, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  While the dilapidated water system cost $5.9 million to acquire, at least the parish acquired it (what price would the system fetch on […]

Roadside ditch cleaning on EAD agenda along with 5 Mill tax; Coincidence?

Here at Pelican Post we do not believe in coincidence; subscribing to Newton’s Third Law of Motion, especially when it comes to Ascension Parish politics.  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  With that in mind we note with some interest two agenda items at the end of East Ascension Drainage Board’s […]

Charter Revision Committee: What we’ve learned so far

NOTE:  Your writer sits on the Home Rule Charter Revision Committee. Created by Resolution of the Parish Council on February 15, Ascension’s Home Rule Charter Revision Committee has convened twice with eight meetings in the offing.  Its task unclear, procedures ignored or discounted, we’ve learned a few things with certainty. Lesson No. 1:  10 Weeks […]

Judge defers ruling on Matassa motion for dismissal of bribery charge

It was a hopeful day for indicted Ascension Parish President Kenny Matassa who sat silently on Tuesday as Judge Tommy Kliebert heard testimony from seven witnesses, one an expert hired by the defendant.  Matassa re-urged a once-denied Motion to Quash the indictment against him after Judge Jason Verdigets recused his court and the case was […]

As Roux set to retire; where is promised “No fill in Floodplains” plan

It has been rumored for months that Ascension’s DPW/Drainage Director Bill Roux would retire rather than return from the leave of absence he’s enjoyed for the past several months.  That was confirmed via the post appearing on Parish of Ascension’s Facebook page yesterday: Today, Department of Public Works Director Bill Roux announced his retirement after […]

New judge equals new opportunity for Matassa to seek dismissal of bribery charge

When Judge Jason Verdigets inexplicably recused his court from presiding over State of Louisiana versus Kenneth P. Matassa on December 14, 2017 (a mere 13 days after ordering a Trial by Jury on February 21) a twisted tale corkscrewed out of control.  It set in motion a chain of events which delayed, not only Matassa’s trial but, […]