What’s at stake for Matassa today?

This morning at 9:00 a.m. Ascension President, and felony criminal defendant, Kenny Matassa is due in Judge Jason Verdigets’ Division A courtroom in Gonzales for his Guilty Plea Cutoff hearing.  He will enter a plea of “Guilty” without an agreement worked out with prosecutor, Jeff Traylor, who is representing the Attorney General’s office on behalf […]

Merit raises for Gonzales Mayor/Police Chief: Do rules apply to elected officials?

Tonight’s Gonzales’ City Council agenda includes a “Discussion of a merit increase for Mayor and Police Chief” along with a “salary increase for City Council members.”  Discussion is the term utilized by the council when it introduces any measure which can only go into effect by enactment of an ordinance.  While we hope an actual […]

Two years and $39.5 million with little to show for EA Drainage

NOTE: We begin our analysis of parish government with the first in a series of “Year in Review” items delineated by Parish Council Standing Committees (and EA Drainage Board which is composed of 10 Council members).  As it happens the end of 2017 coincides with the half-way point of the current council and parish presidential […]

The dumbest thing Kenny ever said!

The competition is stiff and the list is long; but the single dumbest thing Kenny Matassa has been overheard to say came in the cringe-inducing, excruciatingly embarrassing State of the Parish address staged recently at Parish Bond Council Malcolm Dugas’ bed and breakfast/gift shop on Railroad Ave in Donaldsonville. As a candidate he promised to […]

Why is Ascension Parish providing water to the City of Donaldsonville?

NOTE:  Up until his firing on October 4, 2016 Bill Depew was Utilities Director for Ascension Parish and his duties included oversight of the newly-acquired Peoples Water Company which served the City of Donaldsonville on the parish’s west bank.  Why Ascension Parish is providing water to the incorporated municipality is a question for another day, […]

Three Council members balk at Buzzard Roost rezone from Conservation to Industrial

Exceedingly rare is the occasion when Ascension’s Parish Council members balk at the introduction of an ordinance, any introduction which Chairman Bill Dawson sees fit to include on his agenda.  After all, the ordinance is not even read aloud and not subject to a vote until the next meeting.  It happened Thursday when three councilmen […]

The prize for wasting taxpayer money goes to…Parish Utilities of Ascension (Peoples Water)

NOTE: In January Pelican Post published a piece entitled “Ascension’s ten worst expenditures of taxpayer money in 2016″ wherein we ranked the $5.9 million acquisition of Peoples Water as the 5th most wasteful expenditure of last year.  We wrote then: The purchase of Peoples Water, a utility serving Ascension’s west bank only, was in the works in 2015. […]

Matassa must forfeit retirement if/when convicted

In 2012 Louisiana’s legislature enacted Revised Statute 11:293, entitled Forfeiture of retirement benefits; public corruption crimes, to further discourage “public servants” from engaging in criminal behavior since potential imprisonment was insufficient incentive to act right.  The statute applies to anyone who “assumes an elective office on or after January 1, 2013, and by virtue of that service […]

Vote YES to amend Ascension’s Charter on Saturday

Tomorrow is Election Day and Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler has predicted a disturbingly low turnout.  Ascension voters will see two ballot items; the runoff election to finish former State Treasurer John Kennedy’s term pits Democrat, Derrick Edwards, against Republican, John Schroder; and the following proposed Amendment to Ascension’s Home Rule Charter: Shall “Article […]

Mandatory employee attendance of Matassa’s End of Year address? At taxpayer expense?

What did parish employees do to deserve this? A captive audience made to endure Kenny Matassa’s oratorical ineptitude… Force-fed the party line along with that free lunch, on the clock at taxpayer expense…   Communications Director Kyle Gautreau holding up the sign to applaud on cue, no doubt.  Quite the contrast from… You’re a parish […]