Aaron Lawler and the gang got what they wanted; now fix “worthless Traffic Impact studies”

April 13’s Strategic Planning ambush of Chairman Daniel “Doc” Satterlee was an ignominious start to Transportation Chairman Aaron Lawler’s usurpation of an important piece of business which has been deferred for two years.  “Worthless Traffic Impact studies” have long plagued Ascension and Satterlee has done more to seek a solution than the rest of his Council colleagues combined. His […]

The Levee Certification/Accreditation that wasn’t (but it only costs $3 MILLION)

In November of 2014 East Ascension Drainage Board designated HNTB to perform “the long term project” of Levee Certification/Accreditation aimed at lowering FEMA flood insurance rates in the parish.  Two-and-a-half years, and $2.5 million later, and there’s little to show for the effort.  The Marvin Braud Levee System is UNACCEPTABLE to FEMA while, according to Drainage Director Bill […]

Satterlee ambushed by Lawler, Cagnolatti, and Joseph

It was an ambush…plain and simple.  As Councilman Daniel “Doc” Satterlee prepared to consider revamping the fatally-flawed Traffic Impact Studies required of every new subdivision development at Thursday’s Strategic Planning meeting, his colleagues plotted to remove the item from the Satterlee-chaired committee to Transportation, chaired by Councilman Aaron Lawler, who orchestrated the subterfuge. Lawler would insist that […]

A novel idea…Dawson urges transparency for $36 million drainage expenditures

Unable to wrangle a lucid answer from un-ratified DPW/Drainage Director Bill Roux before, Ascension’s Council Chairman Bill Dawson was moved to urge full-blown transparency of expenditures at Monday’s EA Drainage meeting.  Roux zigzagged through a maze of projects assigning expected costs which are beginning to seem random after months, sometimes years, on the drawing board. […]

Silent Councilman lets supporters do his talking; they can’t account for $$$ either

“Allegations besmirching the character” of Tyler Turner and/or Dwayne Andrews “are almost criminal” according to the fifth of five pro-Turner/Andrews speakers who came to the podium at Monday’s Gonzales City Council meeting. Turner and Andrews lobbied the City of Gonzales to revive a dormant youth basketball league six years ago and collected an indeterminate amount […]

No more operating in the shadows (a most gratifying $422.85)

All too often it appears half (a conservative estimate) of Ascension’s Parish Council has little to no idea what it is they happen to be voting on.  Discussion is frowned upon by this group whose Prime Directive No. 1 is to say as little as possible about any given agenda item at all those meetings […]

PSC approves 45% Mo-Dad rate-hike and it’s gonna go higher, much higher!

Mo-Dad Utilities sewer treatment customers in Ascension, multiple of whom alerted Pelican Post, were unpleasantly surprised when reviewing their latest monthly bill.   A hefty 45% rate increase from the normal $36 monthly fee to $52.10 authorized by Louisiana’s Public Service Commission (PSC) on March 15 left one customer disgusted since she does not recall […]

How long before Olin Berthelot “drops the dime” Kenny Matassa?

March 10, 2017 was a sad but necessary day if Ascension Parish is ever to escape the stranglehold of crony capitalism which fattens bank accounts of campaign patrons whose money lubricates the local political machine.  On that good Friday a unanimous grand jury indicted two longtime cogs in the machine, one of whom happens to […]

“Golden Shovels Award” goes to Ascension’s Public Disinformation Officer

“Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.” Ingsoc (Newspeak for English Socialism or the English Socialist Party)- George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four Pelican Post’s Golden Shovels Award honors those over-promising, under-delivering, spin-doctoring masters of subterfuge in Ascension parish government who tell you about all the wondrous projects in the pipeline which […]

A tax by another name…Libertarian isn’t falling for new “fee” passed by Council

On January 19th, the Parish Council approved a resolution that levied additional “fees”, a fluffy term for tax, on every single person in the parish who uses a cell phone.  This tax will amount to well over 300 thousand dollars annually added to APSO‘s 1.2 million dollar a year budget.  The justification was that APSO […]