10 months after Great Flood and what’s been done?

The sense of dread pervades your dreams (if you’re like everyone at my house, anyway) slumber disturbed by the urge to check Tropical Storm Cindy’s status.  Ten months after the Great Flood and every rainstorm brings with it the sense of “not again!” especially for those unfortunates displaced by August 2016 floodwaters.  Living under my […]

Are you sitting down? We agree with President Kenny Matassa (sometimes)

In a June 24, 2016 press release the Governor’s Office explained an Executive Order affecting Industrial Tax Exemptions: Local governing bodies will have a seat at the table when decisions are made about local property tax exemptions, and companies applying for those exemptions must demonstrate job creation or job retention – or both – in […]

UPDATE: What didn’t make it onto Thursday Council agenda?

NOTE:  We’ve been informed that Councilman Aaron Lawler has taken issue with our omission of his reasoning for the moratorium he proposed not being on Thursday’s council agenda.  Lawler did text to inform that his day job duties may prevent his attendance on June 15 when he promised to introduce a moratorium ordinance.  Our intention […]

Lawler getting a dose of Satterlee’s medicine from Matassa administration

Aaron Lawler has occupied the Prairieville-based District 7 Parish Council seat for almost 18 months now and he’s finding out what fellow Prairieville councilman, Daniel “Doc” Satterlee  knows all too well.  The parish president and his administration cannot be trusted and there is no deal to be struck with Kenny Matassa and his co-conspirators unless one adheres to […]

SSA Consultants report another fraud on the people of Ascension?

On March 16 Ascension’s Parish Council requested President Kenny Matassa’s “immediate resignation” by the same 6-4 vote which expressed “No Confidence” in him and his moribund administration.  Several of those Council members comprising the majority regularly mouth obligatory, and disingenuous, praise and thanks for Matassa pretending to do his job.  To the casual observer it may […]

How many drainage ditches could be cleaned for $3.1 million?

At the end of Monday’s lengthy meeting Director Bill Roux informed East Ascension Drainage Board that “several contractors” will be hired to clean out roadside ditches and address “this two-year backlog.”  Originally he urged hiring 25 new, permanent employees to catch up with that backlog which, when achieved, would have added another $1,000,000 or so to Ascension’s […]

What’s not on Monday Transportation agenda? (Where’s Ricky Compton when you need him?)

On May 8 the Parish Council’s Transportation committee took up the issue of Traffic Impact Studies-Reworking and Increasing Specificity to Subdivision Regulations without reaching any conclusions.  Transportation’s chair, Councilman Aaron Lawler, requested un-ratified Planning Director Jerome Fournier to come back this month to consider viability of work product generated by his predecessor and Fournier agreed to […]

Council Agenda amended to subvert moratorium?

Conspiracy theorists might read much into an 11th hour amendment to Thursday’s Council meeting agenda which saw two related items flip-flop.  Initially posted on Tuesday, around mid-morning, the agenda included: (8) Strategic Planning Committee Recommendation: Consideration of a temporary moratorium on development that requires fill General Business (9) Resolution – to limit fill to no […]

There’s only one cure for what ails Ascension (and we didn’t need SSA Consultants to diagnose it)

SSA Consultants, by all indications a capable and certainly reputable organization, spent a year studying all that is wrong with Ascension Parish Government.  The final report is not in yet, at least according to Ascension’s custodian of records, but SSA already offered 11 recommendations for a better functioning government.  Highlighted in a preliminary presentation were […]

Kenny on how to: “Modernize Parish Technology”

Fifth among SSA Consultants’ 11 “Efficiency and Effectiveness” recommendations to the Ascension Parish Council’s Finance Committee on May 17: Modernize Parish Technology”   Parish President Kenny Matassa was way ahead of Cristel Slaughter and the Gang on this one. Hear for yourself from the campaign trail: