Council refers denied subdivision back to Planning for another bite at the apple (what else is new?)

Oak Grove Townhouses’ preliminary plat was denied by a 4-2 vote of Ascension’s Planning Commission on November 8, 2017 resulting in an appeal to the Parish Council, convened as the Planning Commission Appeals Board on February 15.  Several neighboring residents who had opposed the project three months earlier sat four hours, plus, through a 40-item […]

Defending the indefensible: CAO Ken Dawson’s passing of the buck

How does one defend the indefensible?  Ascension’s Chief Administrative Officer under successive parish presidents, Ken Dawson has an awful lot of experience in the tried and truest method: Passing the buck. Harry S. Truman (33rd President of these United States) famously placed a sign on his desk in the Oval Office… Kenny Matassa is no […]

CAO Ken Dawson’s blatant disregard for truth should mean his ouster

(Not that we would, but) there is no way to sugarcoat the fact that Ascension’s Chief Administrative Officer Ken Dawson intentionally misled members of the Parish Council.  While we assume that Dawson’s continual withholding of pertinent information from the governing authority is merely a case of following orders (we can discern nothing like integrity behind […]

What is Bill Dawson’s motive to resuscitate A Better Ascension

Parish Council Chairman Bill Dawson would have you believe he does not support A Better Ascension’s (ABA) quest to eliminate the Office of Parish Presidency; his actions speak otherwise and they speak volumes. Thursday’s Council meeting agenda includes Item 14: Resolution – to establish a Home Rule Charter Revision Committee (Chairman Bill Dawson) Dawson and […]

What does Vance Daigle know that your Council rep doesn’t?

Here at Pelican Post we are loathe to take private citizens head-on, and we had no reason to take Vance Daigle seriously given certain of his more ridiculous pronouncements.  Of all the dumb utterances made at all Ascension Council and/or committee meetings since May of 2013 (and your writer has either attended or watched every […]

Redux: Why is Matassa paying $306,200 to private sewer treatment company?

NOTE: We ran the following piece in October of 2017 when a Special Meeting of the Utilities Committee took no action on the proposed contract analyzed below.  It appears the item is back on tonight’s regularly scheduled Utilities agenda.   Utilities Committee Chairman Randy Clouatre has called a Special Meeting for Tuesday with a single agenda […]

$20 MILLION a year in revenue: EA Drainage has to do better

If you’ve seen one East Ascension Consolidated Gravity Drainage District No. 1 meeting, you’ve seen them all.  Drainage Director Bill Roux promises the same permits, projecting millions upon millions of dollars of sorely needed improvements that, for one reason or another, never make it off the drawing board.  Monday’s EA Drainage agenda portends more of […]

Changing of the Guard? Matassa diehards snubbed in Dawson committee assignments

Ascension Parish Council Chairman Bill Dawson issued assignments to the body’s standing committees after the most recent meeting on January 25, retaining all chairs from 2017.  Which means Dawson ignored the plea (pun intended) of President Kenny Matassa who urged removal of Councilman Daniel “Doc” Satterlee from the chair of Strategic Planning via email dated […]

Matassa in limbo; Olin Berthelot the big loser on Wednesday

If you haven’t heard yet, indicted parish president Kenny Matassa is not going to be tried by a jury of his Ascension Parish peers on February 21 as previously scheduled.  And no trial date had been set as the parties exited Judge Tommy Kliebert’s courtroom on Wednesday, maybe for the last time since Assistant Attorney […]

Matassa expected to veto Council organization chart/personnel ordinances

Tomorrow’s agenda for Ascension’s Council meeting includes Introduction of three items which have divided the governing authority almost right down the middle.  The body’s Finance Committee, which includes the Council’s entire membership, has devoted nearly four hours to discussion of SSA Consultants’ proposals to make parish government more efficient since December 12, 2017 when inclusion […]