Council resolves to take in state roads to redo LA 930; TIS procedures strengthened

“We cannot be afraid to act; we can’t be afraid of maintenance cost,” District 7 Councilman Aaron Lawler justified the Council’s resolution to accept LA 930 and 11 other roads from Louisiana DOTD and into Ascension maintenance system on Thursday.  For years a succession of council members and parish presidents have bemoaned the fact that […]

DISMISSED? Concerned Citizens lawsuit insufficient to stop Jamestown Crossing

The lawsuit filed to stop Jamestown Crossing from proceeding hit a roadblock this morning when Judge Tess Stromberg granted defendants’ Peremptory Exception of No Right of Action dismissing the claim.  Styled Concerned Citizens of Prairieville, three individual defendants and the Quail Creek Homeowners Association lack standing to pursue the suit since they have not presented “an articulable claim” against Ascension’s […]

Civil Service upholds termination of Gonzales police officer

Gonzales Police Chief Sherman Jackson’s December 2016 termination of Officer Moses Black was upheld by the city’s Civil Service Board after a five-hour hearing on Tuesday.  Black’s claims of retaliation for reporting police brutality having been excluded from the proceeding, Jackson enumerated four separate reasons for the firing which included Black’s “unauthorized interrogation” of the […]

Developer intervenes in Jamestown Crossing lawsuit

Dantin Bruce Development filed a Petition to Intervene in the lawsuit filed against Ascension’s Planning Commission wherein a Temporary Restraining Order was issued enjoining actions in furtherance of Jamestown Crossing, Phases I and II.  Scheduled for hearing Thursday morning, plaintiffs seek preliminary and permanent injunctions in the same form and effect which would undo the Commission’s 4-3 […]

Who’s really behind the fix to put ABA’s proposal on the ballot?

ABA would be nowhere without the Machiavellian machinations of Chairman Dawson. If there’s one thing that rankles the rank-and-file member of A Better Ascension (ABA) it is the accusation that Council Chairman Bill Dawson is part of their effort to abolish the parish presidency in favor of a manager.  Dawson-disavowal and alibiing the refusal to disclose their donor […]

$5 Million collected in Transportation Impact Fees since April 2016 inception

According to Ascension’s Planning Director $5,194,906 has been collected in Transportation Impact Fees since there enacted by the Parish Council in April of 2016.  All but $56,040 of those fees charged to every new construction were amassed on the east bank, $3,583,215 attributable to the northernmost of three zones which includes Prairieville.  It could have, […]

Floodplain Management ordinance nearing fruition?

“Floodplain Management means a lot to me, and a lot to the people I represent.” Arguably the single most-transformative incident in Ascension’s recent history, East Ascension Drainage Board is grappling with the aftermath of Great Flood of August 2016.  22 months having elapsed since those fateful days, much time wasted, EA Drainage welcomed HNTB’s Melissa Kennedy this […]

Prevost Hospital tax reduction on November ballot after 5-3 Council vote

If ever there was an Ascension Parish Council meeting that should have been held in Donaldsonville it was Monday’s single-item Special Meeting to consider a ballot measure to reduce the perpetual 1/2% sales tax funding Prevost Hospital by half.  Enacted by west bank Ascension voters in 1980 without a sunset provision, Louisiana’s legislature instructed the […]

Restraining Order issued against Jamestown Crossing [why is Lawler taking it so personally?]

Judge Tess Percy Stromberg signed off an a Temporary Restraining Order enjoining Ascension’s Planning Commission from taking any action in furtherance of Jamestown Crossing yesterday, including adoption of the minutes of the May 9 approval of its subdivision preliminary plat.  Agenda Item 8 (A) on tonight’s meeting agenda calls for adoption of those minutes. The next step […]

Two arrested in early morning homicide in Gonzales

Two people were arrested early Tuesday morning, June 12, in connection with the death of 23-year-old Christopher Goudeau who died at a nearby hospital Tuesday morning. According to Sheriff Jeff Wiley, deputies responded to a residence on Black Bayou Road in Gonzales at 6:10 a.m. in reference to a shooting. When deputies arrived on scene […]