FBI is a deeply-flawed federal agency run by ambitious bureaucrats

April 21, 2018 by Tom Aswell (Louisiana Voice) JIM BROWN, Louisiana’s erstwhile legislator, secretary of state, gubernatorial candidate, state insurance commissioner and self-described victim of an over-zealous FBI HATCHET JOB, today has a radio talk show and publishes an Internet blog as well as dabbling in the BOOK-PUBLISHING business. On May 6, Brown will turn 78 but as a […]

Not that Applicant Interviews by the Council’s Personnel Committee matter, but…

Councilman Benny Johnson, who chairs the Parish Council’s Personnel Committee presented a few ideas on how to improve its functioning at the most recent Council meeting.  Staffing Ascension’s multiple board’s and commissions, all voluntary positions and not compensated is difficult at times.

Teacher uprisings in West Virginia, Oklahoma and Kentucky are headed toward Louisiana

April 19, 2018 by Tom Aswell (Louisiana Voice) Legislators and leaders of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI) would do well to pay attention to the rumblings of discontent that began in West Virginia and rolled westward into Kentucky and Oklahoma. Those same rumblings, though faint and indistinct for now, are being picked up […]

Matassa’s reply memo (It is legal to bribe a dishonest man)

NOTE:  Below is the memorandum filed by Lewis Unglesby on Kenny Matassa’s behalf in response to the one submitted by the Attorney General on the issue of Wayne Lawson’s candidacy.  (In BOLD are any notes your writer may deem appropriate for context). The Attorney General has this upside down.  The “Notice of Candidacy” is an application to […]

Alums invited to be part of The Girl Scout Network on LinkedIn

If you’re a Girl Scout alum who values equal opportunity and girls’ and women’s empowerment, leadership, and advancement in the world, follow the Girl Scout Network. BATON ROUGE (April 6, 2018)–Following yesterday’s launch of The Girl Scout Network on LinkedIn, Girl Scouts Louisiana East is encouraging its alum to follow The Girl Scout Network page […]

Poignant letter from sufferer of “severe depression” suggests potential remedy

My name is Melanie and I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder at age 30, after my first suicide attempt. Between you the ages of 30 through 40, I attempted suicide seven (7) times, the last time being in 2013.  Since 2013, I have remained severely depressed until recently I decided to seek treatment and admitted […]

New Pelican Poll: Should Parish Council size be reduced but seats made full-time (more pay)?

Should Parish Council size be reduced but seats made full-time (more pay)?  Different variations were discussed (sort of) at the April 9 meeting of Ascension’s Charter Revision Committee. Let’s keep it simple.  Retain current 11-member configuration with corresponding salary of $1,600/month?  Or reduce Council to seven seats but made full-time jobs (with corresponding salary increase […]

Pettit: Show up, speak out on Planning Commission abolition!

Is there anything that frustrates the average Ascension Parish citizen more than the monthly meeting of our Planning and (sometimes) Zoning Commission?  Subdivision, after subdivision, after subdivision…approved by Planning without infrastructure (drainage, roads, schools, law enforcement, animal control, wastewater treatment, etc.) sufficient to meet existing residential needs.  And the problems continue to grow with every […]

AG seems to think Lawson ran for parish presidency (still illegal to bribe him)

NOTE:  Criminal defendant, Kenny Matassa seeks dismissal of the bribery charge against him, arguing that Wayne Lawson was not a candidate for Gonzales City Council even though he had filed his Notice of Candidacy, appeared on the ballot, and garnered just under 40% of the vote.  Therefore, Matassa argues, it was not a crime to […]

Can we clean out drainage ditches already? Start with this culvert.

South of Hwy 30, and just outside the City of Gonzales, lies Parish Council District 2.  Council representative Bill Dawson recently pushed a resolution to spend drainage monies on cleaning trash from those ditches; in lieu of digging them out and blowing out the culverts, i.e. a general maintenance program lacking in Ascension for, well, […]