What does House version of tax bill say about teachers?

December 9, 2017 by Tom Aswell (Louisiana Voice) Bobby Jindal said in a 2015 address to the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI) that teachers are still at their jobs only by virtue of their being able to breathe. That was when he was touting his ambitious education reform package that was designed to promote […]

AG moving at snail’s pace investigating Union Parish Jail rape

December 7, 2017 by Tom Aswell (Louisiana Voice) It’s now been 20 months since that 17-year-old girl was RAPED twice in a jail cell in the Union Parish Detention Center in April 2016 and there still has been no resolution to the ongoing investigation by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry. Because the detention center is administered by a […]

Cartoonist Fred Mulhearn’s take on political thought process

December 6, 2017 by Tom Aswell (Louisiana Voice) Though the conversation depicted in this cartoon likely didn’t go down exactly this way, it is, nonetheless, typical of the mindset of not only Republicans, but Democrats as well. The merits of a given piece of legislation are immaterial; if it’s being proposed by the opposition party, we’re […]

AGs petition Congress to support National Concealed-Carry Legislation

AG Jeff Landry Calls on U.S. House and Senate to Back Constitutional Right of Self-Defense BATON ROUGE, LA – Continuing his efforts to support Louisiana residents’ constitutional rights, Attorney General Jeff Landry joined 23 other state attorneys general in urging Congress to enact national concealed-carry reciprocity legislation.  “The citizen interest in self-defense, supported and protected […]

Mischief afoot: WWL deletes video of Edmonson blowing his cover

December 5, 2017 by Tom Aswell (Louisiana Voice)  It’s a common practice in investigative reporting to have confidential sources. I do myself because in many of those cases, the information comes from a person who cannot afford to have his identity revealed for fear of reprisals. Often a person must conceal his identity because to do […]

Graves Bill bans back pay for Bowe Bergdahl

“When Bergdahl deserted his post, he turned his back on all US service members, knowingly jeopardized the lives of the soldiers he abandoned and of those who searched for him, and betrayed the trust of the American people. Paying Berghdal would be a disgrace matched only by his actions.” Washington, DC – Congressmen Garret Graves (R-LA) […]

Did Mike Edmonson “out” himself?

December 2, 2017 by Tom Aswell (Louisiana Voice) It was a possibility almost too bizarre an idea to entertain. It was just too weird to even consider. The evidence was right there, however, for all to see and the conclusion was inescapable. Mike Edmonson, erstwhile Superintendent of the Louisiana State Police (LSP) and once the most […]

The case against Buzzard Roost rezone from Conservation to Industrial

NOTE: Buzzard Roost is located north of Hwy 30, just west of the City of Gonzales.  Residents affected by a proposed rezone of 358 acres at Buzzard Roost banded together behind spokeswoman, Kelly Anderson, to oppose the rezoning at the November 30 meeting of Ascension’s Parish Council.  What follows is their argument. ************************************* Please, keep […]

Tax Reform Bill biggest political myth since John Neely Kennedy ‘reduced paperwork for small business by 150%’

Corporations need tax breaks so they can earn more money to pour into campaigns and PACs to lobby for bigger tax cuts November 29, 2017 by Tom Aswell (Louisiana Voice) Spoiler alert: All you frothing fanatics who still think Donald Trump is the savior of the free world may want to stop reading at this point […]

What’s it cost to produce 19 million gallons of water?

19 million gallons of water might just disappear from Parish Utilities of Ascension’s distribution system but only after your tax dollars have paid to produce it.  How much is it costing Ascension Parish every month?