Longtime Gonzales Council member opposes ABA

Over the last twenty-plus years, Ascension parish has become one of the fastest growing parishes in the state of Louisiana. This growth has brought hundreds of new families to our parish and has spurred economic growth from Geismar to Gonzales. Our parish has gone from a rural off-shoot of Baton Rouge to a vibrant hub […]

$450,000 better spent on roads than Master Plan says Compton

Tonight the Parish Council adopted a resolution to spend $450,000 to have a new master plan created for Ascension Parish. Coincidentally, there have been several articles published about this subject and the not so distant past history of master planning in Ascension. It caused me to reflect on my 8 years with A.P. and I […]

No wonder he gets Unglesby to drive him to court

Given his obvious limitations, President Kenny Matassa has to be graded on a sliding scale even when it comes to parking. And since he so rarely uses the most prime spot maybe it’s understandable that he wants to take up two. Matassa made his first east bank Council/committee meeting in over two weeks when he […]

Fire Marshal Browning likes to give high-salaried jobs to cronies (including former Ascension Justice of Peace)

August 14 by Tom Aswell (Louisiana Voice) There have been some curious hires at the State Fire Marshal’s office which have attracted the attention of LouisianaVoice. Two in particular: former State Rep. Bryan Adams and Dean Smith. Of the two, Adams raises the most questions. There is no question that Adams, unlike Smith, possessed experience in firefighting, […]

AG recognizes Anniversary of Flood

BATON ROUGE, LA – AG Jeff Landry issued remarks this morning at Greenwell Springs Baptist Church’s commemoration service on the one-year anniversary of the devastating flood of 2016. The Attorney General’s full prepared remarks are as follows: “How many of you when the rain began to fall and the waters began to rise actually looked […]

Matassa’s gonna need his parking spot Monday (Berthelot to spend 69th Birthday in Court)

One year and 18 days since Ascension President Kenny Matassa was recorded (allegedly) offering Wayne Lawson a job with the parish, money and other inducements to withdraw from a Gonzales City Council election he has a court date Monday to hear defense motions and those filed by the prosecution.  Matassa’s defense counsel, Lewis Unglesby, claimed […]

Where’s Kenny?

Absent from every Council meeting, as well as each Council Committee meeting, held in Gonzales’ Courthouse since early June; has anyone seen Ascension Parish President Kenny Matassa?

Council-manager system every bit as corruptible as any other system

Dear Editor: I oppose A Better Ascension’s attempt to abolish Ascension’s parish presidency in favor of a “council-manager” style of government for several reasons.  First off, our Parish Council has been dysfunctional for years and I want a parish president to check its unlimited power.  The Council (NOT the parish president) has appointed a rubber […]

You’d never know there was a budgetary crisis from tracking Fire Marshal’s purchases of trinkets

August 7, 2017 by: Tom Aswell (Louisiana Voice) Word from inside the Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal (LOSFM) is that state auditors have come calling and are taking a close look at agency expenditures. Without being privy to any specific findings by the Legislative Auditor’s Office, it’s a pretty safe bet that the bean counters […]

Libertarian Party opposes A Better Ascension proposal

We, the Libertarian Party of Ascension Parish, declare strong disagreement with the efforts of “A Better Ascension” to effectively remove the position of Parish President from the Home Rule Charter of Ascension Parish. Accountability of government leadership to a voting constituency is a cornerstone of a representative republic.  We firmly believe that the people of […]