Senator (Doctor) Cassidy joining Opioid Epidemic fight (finally?)

Cracking Down on Sanctuary Cities and Securing the Border Last Thursday, I introduced legislation to make drug traffickers pay for the border wall, and voted to crack down on sanctuary cities that refuse to help enforce our immigration laws.  If cities won’t help protect Americans from criminals, they shouldn’t get taxpayer money. I also supported border security […]

Transportation Chair knew all about buried Urban Systems analysis

Ain’t social media grand.  Transportation Committee Chairman Lawler’s astonishing admission that he knew of Urban Systems’ April 2016 Traffic Impact Policy Review defies explanation.

Pettit versus Lawler: Citizen fires salvo at Councilman

Yesterday morning I received two phone calls from Councilman Aaron Lawler, a charming conversationalist and all-around comical guy.  It was a continuation of our social media tete-a-tete from the previous day when Lawler declared: I have decided that I will not appoint a proxy to represent the people of Prairieville in District 7 on the charter committee. […]

Lawler to serve on Charter Committee

I have decided that I will not appoint a proxy to represent the people of Prairieville in District 7 on the charter committee. I figure the people Prairieville need all the representation they can get, especially when Gonzales was given an extra representative at the cost of Prairieville. In brief, my role on this committee […]

Constituent asks Councilman Dawson for answers on Urban Systems controversy

NOTE: The following was sent to Councilman Bill Dawson: I have been made aware through the online newspaper, Pelican Post, that Urban Systems had completed a survey paid for by the parish concerning Traffic Impact on the parish due to ever increasing development in Ascension. I guess my question should be is this fact and […]

Pettit takes on latest outrage committed by Matassa and his lackeys

I attended the Transportation Committee meeting held on February 5th, 2018 where Ascension Planning Director Jerome Fournier requested $25,000 be awarded to Urban Systems for a study of how traffic impact studies are done. Urban Systems was represented by Christine Darrah, civil engineer, P.E.  Ms. Darrah gave a brief overview of what her company would […]

Letter urges Congressman to address “spiraling cost of health care”

Dear Congressman Graves, This is a follow-up on an e-mail I sent in March of 2017 on the cost of prescription drugs. The cost of one of my prescriptions rose by 34%, as I recall. In fact it might have been 36%. I did not get a written response, but talked to William Schlanger in […]

Where has Bill Roux been (and when is Ken Dawson joining him)

Judging from the demeanor at Thursday’s Council meeting, every member save one seems perfectly fine with CAO Ken Dawson blatantly misleading them for two years.  We know President Kenny Matassa is cool since his entire administration is predicated upon hiding the truth.  We sense that each of the individuals listed (for different reasons) in our […]

Listen for ‘Now is not the time’ and ‘TAP’ from members of Congress in wake of Wednesday’s Florida school massacre

February 15, 2018 by Tom Aswell (Louisiana Voice) Perhaps I’m a prime candidate for self-flagellation but I would rather stand by what I believe in the face of ridicule and scorn—even from those I once considered friends—than surrender my self-respect for the sake of being liked by those who would turn on you in a heartbeat. […]

Satterlee on CAO Dawson: “Tantamount to malfeasance in office”

Dear Editor: I have enjoyed the honor of representing the people of District 4 on Ascension’s Parish Council for six, sometimes turbulent, years.  It is a sacred responsibility that I take seriously, as do my colleagues who, like myself, must make difficult decisions based on the best information available.  We, as a body, must rely […]