Mayor Arceneaux to establish committee to ensure accounting for Recreation monies

NOTE:  Gonzales Mayor Barney Arceneaux offered the following statement at the April 24 City Council meeting: Recently, questions have come up regarding certain city-sponsored activities and how those contributions are accounted for.  The City has a long-standing practice of contributing to various recreational sports leagues and activities such as the Jambalaya Festival.  The City has […]

Bills filed by District 2 Senator?

There are no bills filed from the District 2 Senator.  April 29 is Election Day to fill the vacancy left by Troy Brown’s resignation.

New Orleans put on notice over Sanctuary City immigration policy

BATON ROUGE, LA – New Orleans and other sanctuary cities across the country have been put on notice by the U.S. Department of Justice (USDOJ).  In a letter today, the USDOJ has called for documents confirming New Orleans is in compliance with federal law which mandates cooperation with federal immigration authorities. This comes after much […]

AG Landry goes after low-hanging fruit in quest for justice (and governor’s mansion)

Jeff Landry the “Publicity Prostitute ignores all but the low hanging fruit in his quest for justice-and governor’s office. April 19, 2017 by Tom Aswell (Louisiana Voice)  Question: What’s worse than being a publicity whore? Answer: Being a publicity whore with a double standard. Attorney General Jeff Landry has been unabashedly running for governor ever since […]

Bill Depew’s view of the current Doc/Aaron disagreement!

Watching from afar! The first question I asked one of the Top Three Administration Officials, under Tommy when I was hired was, “If you are required to make a decision and there is a Political choice or a Moral choice, which would you make?”. The individual hesitated for a long silent period without answering while […]

LSP can find zero text messages by troopers on Las Vegas excursion

The Church Lady: How convenient! April 17, 2017 by Tom Aswell (Louisiana Voice) One of our sources told us early on to make a public records request for all text messages to and from the four State Troopers who drove to that infamous social event in San Diego by way of Las Vegas and the Grand […]

Press Release: Compensation Survey Positions Ascension Parish for Success

The compensation survey commissioned by Ascension Parish President Kenny Matassa shows that Parish Government is positioned for success and competitive with its regional peers. Results of the survey, which were presented to the Council’s Finance Committee Tuesday night, show the Parish offers excellent benefits to its employees; the Parish retirement plan is fully funded; the […]

A novel idea…Dawson urges transparency for $36 million drainage expenditures

Unable to wrangle a lucid answer from un-ratified DPW/Drainage Director Bill Roux before, Ascension’s Council Chairman Bill Dawson was moved to urge full-blown transparency of expenditures at Monday’s EA Drainage meeting.  Roux zigzagged through a maze of projects assigning expected costs which are beginning to seem random after months, sometimes years, on the drawing board. […]

AG Jeff Landry “forced to sue John Bel Edwards again”

AG’s Office Handcuffed by Governor’s Unconstitutional Actions PRESS RELEASE: BATON ROUGE, LA – In a lawsuit filed today, Attorney General Jeff Landry is asking the court to reaffirm what the duly-elected Legislature has already decided: Governor John Bel Edwards may not raid agencies’ operational funds to pay for his bloated government. “Despite the media’s best […]

How’s your Quality of Life?

NOTE:  We do not mean to detract from our contributor’s point, that the current parish president and his administration ignore the well-being of the average Ascension citizen, but “Great Flood 2016” was the most devastating natural disaster ever suffered in the parish.  But the point is well-taken; when does it all end? The frustration is […]