Methanex gets tax exemption, Grace-Hebert receives Courthouse design contract

Methanex sent its Vice President of North American operations to Thursday’s Ascension Parish Council meeting to lobby for the Industrial Tax Exemption which could lead to another enormous investment in Geismar by the enormous methanol manufacturer.  The Council and Sheriff Jeff Wiley welcomed him with open arms and, more importantly, granted the exemption which would […]

Gonzales Council to consider Hotel Tax on Monday

A REGULAR MEETING OF THE MAYOR AND COUNCILMEN OF THE CITY OF GONZALES, STATE OF LOUISIANA, WILL BE HELD ON, MONDAY MARCH 19, 2018  AT 5:30 P.M. AT CITY HALL 120 S. IRMA BLVD. AGENDA Call to Order. Invocation. Pledge of Allegiance. Roll Call. Minutes of a Regular Meeting of the City Council taken, February […]

Commissioner Anthony Christy changes vote to approve (once denied) Oak Grove Townhouses

Who didn’t see this coming?  When Ascension’s Parish Council, meeting as Planning Commission Appeals Board on February 15, referred Oak Grove Townhouses back to the commission which had denied the plat on November 8, 2017, the die was cast.  And, seven come eleven, Dantin Bruce Development was a winner (naturally) on Wednesday because Planning Commissioner […]

Jamestown Crossing deferred; once denied Oak Grove Townhouses approved by Planning Commission

Jamestown Crossing’s two preliminary plats were deferred from tonight’s Planning Commission meeting by the developer, Dantin Bruce Development, which opted for April’s agenda.  In a letter to Planning Director Jerome Fournier the developer wrote: “Dantin Bruce Development, LLC, which is the applicant for two separate preliminary subdivision plat applications that are scheduled to be presented […]

Jamestown Crossing Q & A with Dantin Bruce Development (and attorney)

Dantin Bruce Development had its dress rehearsal for tonight’s Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday at Oak Grove Community Center.  The Baton Rouge firm that builds commercial and residential. single and multi-family dwellings in the latter category, is scheduled to present Jamestown Crossing, Filings I and II for the commission’s Approval (or Denial) at the meeting […]

Jamestown Crossing (I and II) seeks approval for 172 lots on Hwy 930

The meeting agenda for Wednesday’s Planning Commission includes two items submitted by the same developer, Dantin Bruce Development, LLC (which also gets to have its once denied Oak Grove Townhouses RECONSIDERED), both named Jamestown Crossing.  Separate filings were done for the development(s) which lie on either side of Hwy 930 as it winds its way […]

Verdigets’ recusal in State v. Matassa delays trial of Berthelot

Saturday marked one year since Olin Berthelot (and Kenny Matassa) were charged with Election Offenses; Bribery by an Ascension Parish Grand Jury, the second one scheduled to consider evidence against them after a continuance from November 15, 2016.  State of Louisiana versus Olin G. Berthelot was scheduled for Jury Trial tomorrow, but a covert (in the sense that the […]

March 13 trial in State v. Berthelot continued to May 15

Conspiracy theorists take heart.  The matter of State of Louisiana versus Olin G. Berthelot lends credence to your wildest accusations.  The trial, long scheduled for March 13, 2018, was rescheduled by joint motion of the prosecution and defendant after Berthelot filed a Motion to Recuse the Court on January 25. It was the same date when Berthelot […]

RECONSIDERATION of once denied Oak Grove Townhouses: The fix is in.

The March 14, 2018 agenda for Ascension’s Planning Commission has been published and it includes RECONSIDERATION of the previously denied Oak Grove Townhouses preliminary plat.  Four commissioners rejected the plat on November 8, 2017 after which Dantin Bruce Development appealed to the Parish Council seated as the Planning Commission Appeals Board on February 15.  Rather than do […]

Guilty Pleas for the Week of February 26-March 2

During the week of February 26-March 2, 2018, the following defendants pled guilty to various charges and were sentenced in the 23rd Judicial District Court, Ascension Parish: Jessica Elwood, 44434 Elwood Dr. St. Amant, LA., age 25, pled guilty to Possession of a Schedule I Controlled Dangerous Substance and was sentenced to 6 years with […]